Sixth Sense Horror Short Film Festival Welcome to fear-a-thon!
Are you geared up to gorge on a nerve-jangling glut of ferociousness, disconcerting shocks and bestial enjoyment? Come, get onboard for a diabolically tense ride, as India’s First and Only Horror Short Film Festival is back with its second edition. Sixth Sense Horror Short Film Festival, brainchild of Shaunak Sirrole – a filmmaker, was conceived with the ambition to congregate all horror filmmakers from pole to pole under one haunted roof and provide them the dais to unmask their talent in a genre which is less explored in a country like India. Last year, Hollywood’s illustrious writer, Mr. Jeffrey Reddick (Final Destination) was the “guest of honor” and National Award Winning Indian filmmaker, Mr. Apurva Asrani was the “chief guest” of the event. In the inaugural year, we received an outstanding 250 entries from which we screened 50 best films selected by the esteemed panel. If the last few years have taught us anything, it is that horror films could be on track to becoming more globally appreciated. Those of us who have been fans of the genre for years have always been well conscious of its arty and social connotation. The raison d’être of Sixth Sense Horror Short Film Festival is getting the genre some of the high-brow acknowledgement that it has long since deserved. Making a horror film is only half the battle, it still needs to get in front of an audience, and that’s where Sixth Sense Horror Short Film Festival enters the picture. The dream behind inducting this festival in India is not only to prop up Horror Genre, but also present an exceptional juncture for filmmakers to generate enough ballyhoo and eyeballs to get sold — optimistically to a distributor that can put an adequate amount of marketing moolah behind it to transform to box office returns and even awards season buzz. Money for a movie can be earned by playing in a casino Gratis here. When a film gets selected for Sixth Sense Horror Short Film Festival, its chances of being brought by a distribution arm shoots up. So what are you waiting for? Tighten your seat belts and indulge in a global fête of an adrenaline fuelled genre. Be afraid. Be very, very afraid. Welcome to fear-a-thon!